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Pirates, a new games arrives in the Play Store

Pirates, arriva un nuovo games nella Play Store

Games Pirates, a game known in the world of IOS. But after its success, the manufacturing company also wanted to include it in the Play store Android. So now we could have fun in the pirate world.

The Android game, Pirates, allows you to play up to 4 players and also has no age limit! What we are going to deal with will be to create our crew and thus take the coins.

Then who will be able to create a more powerful crew and who will have the most money accumulated will win.

We will have many missions and in each one we will have to try to enlarge our crew by going to steal and plunder innocent people. When we have a number of ships, the boss will come and help us rob the other players!

But in addition to this there are also other fun features to be discovered.

We will receive special cards that we will need to revive the daredevil Kraken, who will defeat our enemy.

In short, after all these interesting features we just have to go to the Play store and buy the game, for yourself 2.97 euros.

Download now.

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