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Piracy of the Apps of iTunes, Italy at the top of the world

Italy at the top of the world in pirated iPhone and iPod touch applications. The confirmation of what you can easily imagine by scrolling the story in terms of the use of cracked or copied programs comes from Pinchmedia, a company that takes care of tracking statistics on the programs sold by the App Store for the benefit of the developers.

To be precise, our country is in fifth place in the ranking of Jailbroken devices behind China, Russia, Brazil and Mexico and ahead of Spain, Holland and Canada. The "unlocked" devices are obviously not synonymous with devices that use pirated applications, but as Pinchmedia itself shows, an average of 38% of those who "jailbrok" ​​their paperback then use programs acquired for illegal channels and without paying them, since may conclude that our country is in the same position, the fifth note, for iPhones and iPod touches that use pirated programs.

By comparing the numbers of terminals sold and going beyond the percentage, it is very likely that Italy is even higher in this not very honorable ranking. Of the countries preceding Italy at least two are in fact strongly suspected of having fewer iPhones and iPod touches in circulation than those circulating in Italy (Brazil and Mexico), which means that in terms of units that use applications pirated (and consequently of pirated applications) the boot could overtake the South American and Central American country and rank in third place, behind the giants China and Russia as well as in first place among the industrialized countries.

It should be noted that, as Pinchmedia rightly points out, the percentage of Jaibroken iPhones and iPod touches that use tarot applications could be much higher due to the fact that pirated programs have mechanisms that serve to mask their use.

Beyond the case of Italy, the borders of the phenomenon, which are quite worrying for developers, are outlined by other statistics: 60% of the applications that use the Pinchmedia services have been pirated and when an application is cracked 34% of all installations consisting of illegally acquired programs. Other information includes less use of pirated applications, shorter installation time and more frequent crashes.

Another element to keep in mind is that piracy is a more common habit when the per capita income of the country under examination is lower. It is not surprising in this light that Japan has only 3% of jailbroken iPhones (even if strong cultural factors also play for the country of the Rising Sun) and that in the United Kingdom the percentage is only 5%. And to say that these two countries are also among the very few in the world that up to now have exclusive mobile operators and, therefore, a greater number of customers potentially motivated to free their mobile phones from the constraints imposed by Apple.

Finally, Pinchmedia dismantles the most popular justification by those who "tarot" the programs, namely that the action is used to evaluate a program before buying it. Only 0.43% of pirated programs (1 application out of 233) turns into a purchase, a number far less than 7.4% of Lite programs (free) which become purchases of the full application.