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Piccole Ricette, cookbook for iPad and iPhone, returns to the Store completely renewed

Piccole Ricette, cookbook for iPad and iPhone, returns to the Store completely renewed

One of the most popular cooking apps among the best according to Macity returned to the Store with an update that has completely renewed it and made it faster and even more suitable for the needs of those who would always like to have a valuable help in the kitchen by their side. The universal version for free on the Store.

No complicated dishes or with impossible ingredients: this has always been the peculiarity of the Small Recipes proposal and in this lapp not absolutely changed

The graphics are completely new. Lapp rewritten one hundred percent, lighter and faster now offers the possibility to enlarge the text in the recipes and, for iPad, to enter the lectern mode, ideal for reading the recipe while cooking. The function Read me the recipe is also new: those who cook will not even have to take a look at the recipe book: they will be able to read the recipe during the preparation.

The information offered by Piccole Ricette has multiplied: for all the recipes the degree of difficulty is indicated, you can consult many extras, the hottest recipes of the moment and thirty new recipes from the United States.

Ipad IV

The search for Small Recipes has become advanced: the user will be able to search among many different categories, such as gluten-free or lactose-free recipes, spicy foods, inexpensive dishes, dishes that do not require any type of cooking and color.

Small recipes with the 4.0 update even more customizable. In fact, the Favorites and Surprise Menu functions have also been renewed and the Add to Calendar tool has been added, which will allow you to remember when and which ingredients to buy.

Small Recipes for iPhone and iPad in version 4.0 available on the Store and for free.