PhotoMath, solve math problems with a simple photo

PhotoMath, solve math problems with a simple photo

PhotoMath solves math problems using the smartphone camera. On Android it will arrive in 2015

Solving math problems has never been easier. PhotoMath a free application for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Windows Phone that works like a calculator. On Android it will arrive in 2015. For accuracy, PhotoMath is a cross between a camera and integrated text recognition extremely sophisticated calculator.

More specifically, PhotoMath uses the smartphone's camera to scan and solve puzzle problems, arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers, roots and simple linear equations in real time. It will be enough to simply aim the lens e frame the exercise that disturbs your sleep, and the solution will be at hand. You will only have to limit yourself to copying everything on the sheet.

PhotoMath can also serve as a useful teaching tool for all those that arithmetic and geometry just don't send them already. In addition to solving the calculations, in fact, the app also shows the whole process which led to that solution, thus making mathematics simpler and more understandable to (almost) everyone.

Do you want advice? Use it at home. Smartphones are not allowed during homework.


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