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PhoneSaber returns and turns into Lightsaber

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PhoneSaber returns and turns into Lightsaber logomacitynet1200wide 1

The announcement was made by the same blog as the developer TheMacBox who deserves the credit and originality of the idea of ​​the first PhoneSaber application. Essentially useless, the software made it possible to "light up" a lightsaber on the screen of your iPhone that reproduced the appearance and noise of the legendary Jedi weapon that went down in history thanks to the Star Wars saga. Available for free on the App Store PhoneSaber was among the first software removed from the online shop on explicit request by Lucas Film.

With a post published yesterday, the developer announces that the application will soon return to the App Store in an official capacity, with the new name Lightsaber Unleashed and, to the delight of all Star Wars fans, it will still be available for free.

The new Lightsaber will include numerous links and direct references to the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, effectively representing a marketing and promotion tool for the upcoming title. In any case, the new version of the lightsaber simulator for iPhone, and now perfectly usable on iPod touch thanks to the new generation that integrates an internal speaker, will allow you to choose your favorite character from the series, improved graphics and audio effects as well as the possibility to set adequate background music for futuristic white-weapon duels.

In this article we reproduce some images of Lightsaber published on the TheMacBox blog.

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