phone numbers on facebook

Phone numbers on Facebook: over 400 million online

Millions of phone numbers associated with Facebook accounts were found exposed online, stored in a database that was not protected by any password

Phone numbers on Facebook? Lots. A database that would envy any multinational company. Beyond the fact that the telephone numbers are directly connected to the account of a registered person and therefore to the name of the same, this database turned out to be violable. And in fact hundreds of millions of Facebook phone numbers were found online. The exposed server contained more than that 419 million registrations. A database that was not protected by any password, therefore potentially accessible by anyone. To verify it and make it public Techcrunch.

Each number in the list contained a specific Facebook ID and the phone number was linked to that account. The Facebook ID of a user normally composed of a long public number related to the account and for this reason it can be easily used to find out the identity and the username of an account.

However, the phone numbers on Facebook have not been public for more than a year, since Facebook has restricted access to account telephone numbers.

phone numbers on facebook

Phone numbers on Facebook, the revelation

On the hot issue of phone numbers on Facebook TechCunch managed to check a certain number of registered databases by linking a user's phone number to the Facebook ID in the public directories. Other lists were also checked by comparing phone numbers with the password reset option, which can be partially used to trace the phone number connected to a given account. Some lists also included the user's name, gender and country of origin.

An accident that, the journalist writesZack Whittaker, put millions of people at risk, making them a potential target for spam phone calls and attacks sim swapping, ie attacks that exploit the phone number of the legitimate owner of a sim card to violate online services that use the phone number as an authentication system.