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Philips, 2003 will be the year of DVD + RW

Philips, 2003 will be the year of DVD + RW – Macitynet.it

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The DVD + RW market is constantly growing and prices are therefore falling. This trend will generate a doubling of the demand for this type of burner by the end of the year.

The estimate of Philips, one of the leaders of the consortium that supports DVD + RW, the alternative to the DVD-RW used and pushed by Apple.

According to Philips, 2003 will see the price of burners drop to around $ 100, a cost considered a sort of psychological threshold below which a real 'hunting' to purchase could be determined. To promote the diffusion of the standard will also be Dell and HP that install this type of burners in their computers and that since 2003 will also offer them on machines below the thousand dollar range, considered the entry level.

Again according to Philips, multi-format DVD burners, which support not only DVD + RW but also the DVD-RW format pushed by Apple, will not have great success due to the higher costs they impose on manufacturers

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