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Pentium, low-consumption processors on the horizon

The debut of Banias, or Pentium-M, Intel's series of processors designed specifically for the world of laptops, set for next March. This is supported by some sources close to the Santa Clara company according to which the development of the chip, which will be marketed in a curious and original "package" (which also includes wireless chips) by Centrino, now in its final stages.

The first products in the series should be three. One processor classified as ultra-low voltage and two low-voltage. The first chip will have a speed of 900 MHz; the other two respectively 1.1 GHz and 1.3 / 1.6 GHz.

According to some internal Intel sources, the processors, which will have a different architecture from that of Pentium, should have a consumption much lower than that of the Pentium III-M and Pentium 4-M. Thanks to Banias, laptops based on this processor should increase their autonomy by an hour by reaching close to or even exceeding six hours.

Intel would consider the chips to be potential with the installation of a 1 MB cache, far above that of the Pentium III-M and also of the Pentium 4-M

The 1.3 / 1.6 GHz model should be placed immediately on high-end machines, in many cases replacing the Pentium 4-M, which for now will continue to remain on the market. The ultra low consumption models will take the place of the Pentium III-M which instead will immediately be out of production.