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Pentium for laptops debuts on March 12th

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Intel's Banias release date has been set for March 12

The high efficiency chip in terms of energy consumption, with a structure totally different from those of the Pentium, in the intentions of Santa Clara should be the new reference point for processors in the field of laptops.

For the first time Intel produces a chip exclusively designed for the world of mobility with subsections that stop when they are not used and very low consumption.

Banias, which will be marketed under the name of Pentium-M, will be a processor specifically aimed also at wireless. In fact, a bundle called Centrino will be marketed alongside a chipset and a specially designed WiFi module.

Centrino, in Intel's intentions, will have to become the essential reference for the world of laptops by adding wireless connectivity to most Intel laptops.

And to demonstrate that the presentation of the Pentium-M in the context of a press conference to be held by Connexion, a company controlled by Boeing and which (as we have said numerous times by Macity) aims to extend the wireless connectivity also on board airplanes.

The Pentium-M will be marketed in four cuts: 900, 1.1, 1.3 and 1.6 GHz