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Pentium 4 in the X-BOX 2

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Pentium 4 in the X-BOX 2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

The X-Box has not yet been released but Microsoft is already thinking of a second version that will be, as easily predictable, faster, more powerful and more equipped with accessories. One of the most important novelties will be the processor that should be a Pentium 4 The news has some interesting insights since, according to rumors released by The Register, the machine should continue to use an Nvidia chipset. This means that Nvidia should soon be able to obtain an Intel license for support on Intel's processor bus. Until today Nvidia on its chipset (not yet in production) called nForce was able to support only AMD processors and the 'old' Pentium III. The graphics processor of the X-Box 2 should be a specially studied version of the GeForce 3; the console should also integrate a series of doors and accessories capable of transforming it into a digital hub and with the possibility of connecting digital cameras and cameras. That Microsoft aims to place the X-Box 2 at the center of the house of the future. it would also demonstrate the name HomeStation, which echoes and extends the brand of the Sony console, the PlayStation, into the imagination.

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