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Pentium 4 for 1.5 GHz laptops next year

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Pentium 4 for 1.5 GHz laptops next year logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first Pentium 4 designed for the world of laptops will be launched in the first half of the next and will run at a speed of 1.5 GHz. A 2 GHz version will arrive by the end of 2002. He specified it in the context of the conference of microprocessors that is being taking one of Intel's leading semiconductor design managers, Bob Jackson, in San Jos, California. According to Jackson, Intel is currently studying new technologies that can reduce consumption and heat production, one of the biggest problems of the desktop version of the Pentium 4. One of the options that Intel is studying is a new implementation of SpeedStep, the system that reduces the clock speed of the processor when it is disconnected from electricity and when applications do not require maximum computing power. The new version of SpeedStep would be able to modulate the clock speed from 50 to 95% when the machine is powered by batteries. Another factor will be the refinement of the miniaturization process; the Pentium 4 for laptops will have 0.13 micron circuitry instead of 0.18 as the current one. We remember that the PPC 750FX presented yesterday by IBM has precisely a 0.13 micron circuitry and a sophisticated system for reducing consumption.

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