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Peer-to-peer streaming with QT but not yet for Mac.

Peer-to-peer streaming with QT but not yet for Mac. – Macitynet.it

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Those who want to stream audio or video must almost necessarily resort to the use of centralized servers and specialized providers. The large amount of bandwidth needed by audio / video providers raises the costs of managing streaming on the web a lot, if many users connect together to the same file. At Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg (and external campuses, such as the Californian one, which sees among its financiers also Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple) is working on a solution that will avoid this type of problem by facilitating all those who simply want to transmit peer to peer.

At the base of the software, already released but still under development, Apple's QuickTime, which allows sharing the bandwidth between supplier and user without having to incur prohibitive costs for individuals. The solution is called ESM – End System Multicast and supports NAT and firewall allowing access to the service to a large number of people. Curiously the current development of ESM, thanks to Yang-hua Chu, Sanjay Rao, Srinivasan Seshan and Hui Zhang, stops only in the Win world (98 / NT / ME / 2K / XP) and Linux (RedHat 6.2-8.0 / Debian 2.2-3.0), although QuickTime is an Apple solution, Mac and Unix support still absent, but from the university website it is announced in a forthcoming release.

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