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PEC in Italy: over 8 and a half million active boxes, 59% managed by Aruba PEC

Aruba PEC presents some data regarding the use of the PEC in Italy to date. Over 8,000 active boxes, Aruba holds 59% of the market

Aruba PEC S.p.A., a company of the Aruba Group, main certified electronic mail provider, Certification Authority, SPID Identity Provider accredited by the AgID and also accredited as TSPq Qualified Trust Service Provider – for the supply of qualified services at European level according to eIDAS regulationelectronic IDentification Authentication and Signature, presents some data regarding the use of the PEC to date.

PEC, not just a mandatory law

The PEC has become a legal obligation for companies and professionals and, more generally, for all VAT numbers, but interesting data, which emerges by analyzing the boxes activated by Aruba, which over the last few years have always been more private individuals have activated a box, demonstrating that it is a useful tool for anyone wants to send electronic communications that have certain and legally valid sending and receiving, effectively replacing the need to send registered A / R. This is demonstrated by the data that highlights the widespread professional use made of it with the 61% between companies and freelancers and well the 39% of private citizens as further proof of the tool's usefulness.

Aruba PEC

PEC: numbers and geographical distribution

there Lombardy, the region with the highest number of PEC boxes active (about 670,000), followed by Lazio (over 650,000), third the Campania with 477,000 PEC activated, then followed by Sicily (422.745), Puglia (382.619) and Veneto (372.198).

Aruba PEC

The Agency for Digital Italy periodically publishes the statistics related to the PEC, the last update dates back to June 2017 and has 8,539,661 active boxes. Aruba PEC with its 5.002.189 holds a 59% market share. The Agency's data reveal an excellent state of health of the market, registering in 2017 a 9% growth in active boxes and an 11% increase in traffic which exceeds 252 million messages exchanged between May and June.

We are very satisfied with the data we see as leaders in PEC – explains Simone Braccagni, CEO of Aruba PEC but even more we are pleased to see how the opinion of this service has changed. Its real usefulness is understood: it is no longer seen only as a legal obligation, but as a tool that simplifies official communications, reduces waiting times, saves money and is ecological and safe.

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