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PC Cards will become NEWCARD

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PC Cards will become NEWCARD –

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The NEWCARD format was announced by the development group of the PCMCIA – Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (born in 1989) who after the introduction of the PC Card standard felt the need for a technological update in step with the times.

For now NEWCARD the code name not yet definitive but the one that was just announced in San Jose during the Intel Developer Forum Conference 2003, the two major technological innovations (in addition to the promises of lowering costs and a series of advantages to be verified in the field ) are support for serial input / output buses such as USB 2 and PCI Express.

The new standard is listed among the brands that will immediately support it from important industries in the sector such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, HP, Lexar, SCM and Texas Instruments; Two working groups like USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) and PCI-SIG (Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group) also collaborate in the development of the format.

NEWCARD has been designed not only for mobile but also desktop solutions, all technical specifications will be defined by the end of the year for a commercial debut after June 2004.

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