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PB 12 ″ and Safari? Promoted with flying colors!

After just a week of testing, the Wall Street Journal, the influential American financial newspaper, is promoting the new Apple and Safari PowerBook with flying colors, the browser that, according to the American journalist Walter Mossberg, has the sole, ambitious aim of “replacing Microsoft Internet Explorer ".

"I really like both," explains the journalist, who was impressed by the speed and reliability of Safari (as well as by the Snapback function, which allows you to quickly return to the first site inserted after unsuccessful navigation) but also by the power and compactness of the child PowerBook G4, the most complete in its category as well as reliable and fast.

Also as regards the price, according to the Wall Street Journal, this time Apple – which suffers from a reputation as a manufacturer of extremely expensive products – is truly competitive. The PowerBook, observes the reporter, smaller and more complete than the competition but costs much less.

In short, it has everything it needs to be a successful machine and offer consumers "an attractive alternative to Windows".