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Paste the text into Word without formatting

Paste the text into Word without formatting

By default, Microsoft Word tries to keep styles of text copied from a source outside of Word. If you don't want to manually remove style information after pasting the text into Word, there is a way to have Word paste the text from an external source without any formatting by default.

For this example, we copied the text from an article on the help desk's Geek website. Highlight the text, right-click on the text and select Copy from the popup menu.

When we pasted the text into Word, the formatting of the article was preserved.

Word Paste as plain text

To paste the text only when copied from an external source, select Options from the card File .

In the dialog Word options, click the button advanced in the left panel.

Scroll down to the section Cut, copy and paste . Select Just keep text from the dropdown list for paste from other programs . You can change them all if you wish, but the defaults should work properly for most people.

Do click up OK to accept the changes and close the dialog Word options .

Copy the text again from the external source and paste it into Word. The text is pasted without formatting.

NOTE: these settings will not affect the previously copied text on the clipboard. Once you change these settings, you need to copy the desired text again before pasting it into Word. So now you no longer need to copy everything to Notepad before copying it from there to Word. To enjoy!