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Parcel Panic: unbridled races on iPhone and touch

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Parcel Panic: unbridled races on iPhone and touch –

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Developed by Mad Processor, Parcel Panic for iPhone and iPod Touch heavily recalls arcade games from the past such as Crazy Taxi or OutRun, in which the player's aim was to run wildly towards the next goal and reach it before time runs out. The application for Apple platforms is not limited to taking up only the idea behind it, but also the uncontrolled humor: at the wheel of a bizarre pickup truck you have to deliver the various packages to your destination, going far and wide to the island of Tapiti; incredible jumps and rides at breakneck speed will obviously be on the agenda.

The game offers a completely explorable world, but it is obvious that you cannot be too distracted to wander around, and it is essential to keep an eye on the indicator of the direction to follow. It will be possible to choose between 4 unlockable cars, while the vehicle is controlled by swinging the Apple device and the two buttons on the screen used for the brake and accelerator. The latest published update makes Parcel Panic compatible with iPad and, depending on whether you are using an iPhone 3GS or a previous model, the game will add some graphic details or not: this, of course, to avoid making everything too heavy for a iPhone 3G, avoiding to preclude better graphics for those who have slightly more advanced hardware. The game can be purchased on the App Store for 79 cents.

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