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Pangea announces Billy Frontier

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New game for Pangea.

The creators of popular titles like Ottomatic and Bugdom (the second episode of which was recently released) have announced that they have started developing a title set in the old West.

Actually Billy Frontier, that's what the game will be called, not exactly set in the far west we know, but on a planet that is very reminiscent of it and called New Texas and dominated by a shady figure called Gunslinger. Task of Billy, the protagonist of the game, to restore peace, overcoming duels and shootings with characters in some cases very improbable, such as the Kanga-Cows, half cow and half kangaroo.

The arcade-style game mechanics, you have to defeat, as mentioned, opponents in a duel, other times simply kill all the enemies and on other occasions still simply escape the ambushes.

Billy Frontier, very colorful and fun with all Pangea games, will be available only as a download and will cost $ 15. A precise release date has not yet been set