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Palm, Graffiti 2 arrives

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Palm launches the second generation Graffiti and to do so will integrate the Communication Intelligence (CIC) technologies, a company that in the USA operates in the field of handwriting and digital signature recognition.

"Graffiti 2 – communicated Communication Intelligence yesterday – will use the Jot system, which will allow an easier and more intuitive text input system, reducing the learning time".

The intuitiveness of the CIC system, admit to Palm, at the basis of the choice made and made official yesterday. Letters using Jot are written in a similar way to those written on paper. In addition, with Jot Graffiti 2 you will also be able to "learn" the way the user writes and transform the input into letters and text.

The move to Graffiti 2, according to some observers, will facilitate Palm also from a judicial point of view. The original Graffiti, as our readers will remember, in fact at the center of a legal dispute with Xerox which claims that it uses some proprietary technologies integrated in Unistrokes, another handwriting recognition system. Palm admits that Xerox's positions have influenced the choice that frees Palm Source (which takes care of the software development of the operating system) from concerns and possible future complications.

Some current Jot applications also include the insertion of texts outside the "reserved" area that all Palm without keyboard have. This would make it easier, for example, to use the Tungsten in a "closed" position or "full screen" handheld devices such as the one with embedded GPS just announced by Garmin,

Graffiti 2 is already available to some Palm OS licensees, such as Sony and Kyocera and will be integrated into Palm OS versions 5.2 and 4.1.2.