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Pallino 2.0, to have fun in Cocoa

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Pallino 2.0, to have fun in Cocoa –

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Torellasoft, the software house founded by Luca Torella, announces that it has released version 2.02 of Pallino.

The application, sold according to the formula of shareware, a game that for mechanics and style represents a "clone" of the well-known classic Master Mind.

The particularity of Pallino, for which the author deserves praise, the fact that it was written entirely in Cocoa, the modern programming language for Mac OS X. Even more remarkable is the fact that the very young author, just 18 years old, an age that does not prevent him from adding a fair amount of programming experience. Luca has in fact started to devote himself to the Mac and the "construction" of applications from the age of 15, an example, if not unique, certainly rare in the national panorama of the authors of shareware products for Mac

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