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paid iApplications? Nothing changes (or almost)

A voice bounces from the USA: paid iApplications updates will arrive from Macworld. Someone imagines popular uprisings of mac users, but in reality there would be nothing substantially new in the policy that would be applied by Apple.

Among the many novelties of the Macworld that is about to open, there could be a controversial one, the payment of new versions of the iApplications. The indiscretion leaked yesterday by C / Net, which cites reliable sources within Apple itself.

The American website claims that in addition to selling the updates instead of offering them for free, Apple would also have decided to group some of its applications in a bundle, to be precise iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD. The package would be sold for $ 50.

The choice would affect the wallet, again according to C / Net, of those who want to keep the various applications updated, but not those of the new Mac buyers. In fact, they will find all the applications they find today included in the software bundle.

According to C / Net, which cites some analysts, the move would be dictated by the need to "make money", a consequence of the poor success of the campaign addressed to PC users and predicts harsh reactions from the Mac user base.

In reality, on closer inspection, if the details of the story were all here, it seems difficult to speak of a "turning point" in Apple's policies on applications for the digital hub.

Apple had already made this choice some time ago, selling iMovie version 2.0; iDVD, then, not free for download, but is provided only to those who buy a Mac with DVD burner and version 2.1 already on sale and not granted free of charge to those with version 1.0.

The only novelty would be the decision to apply the same policy already followed for iDVD and iMovie also to iPhoto and to sell the three iApplications bundled. Only on this last decision could some controversy be unleashed since if it is true that one would be able to have at a price of about fifty euros for which today they have to pay more than 70 (iMovie and iDVD) also true that one would have been forced to buy all three applications when, perhaps, you only need one. A fact that could annoy some users, but a little bit to imagine popular protests and uprisings hypothesized by some C / Net analyst.

Probably some brighter accent could arise if, as C / Net speculates, the other iApplications (including therefore iCal, iTunes, iChat and iSync) also become entirely paid; even worse if Apple no longer included them in the new Macs. But at the moment this hypothesis certainly appears not immediate if not difficult to realize and the news worthy of just a few hints, were it not that a real storm of comments has already raged on the Internet about.

Comments that overshadowed what the indiscretion, if confirmed, would reveal: the almost safe update of iMovie, iPhoto and iDVD that could motivate the launch of the new bundle.