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Pacman Championship Edition DX released on Google Play Store


Pacman a video game that made history. This title brought the first generations of gamers closer to more complex video games. Sporadically this almost round hero has made appearances in some more or less modern game consoles but to return to becoming a "must have" title he had to make the leap and become compatible for smartphones and tablets, the most popular game consoles currently absolutely. With Pacman Championship Edition DX, this game, has made a well lifting by changing a part of the appearance but remaining the same in its essence.

In Pacman Championship Edition DX all a swirling swirl of colors and techno music with absolutely fun gameplay that will not bore the player. There are various types of game modes including the classic maze game. There is also the time trial mode and the attack mode with high scores. As always we must try to eat the balls and be careful of the ghosts. Of course if Pacman eats them the points increase. A novelty, as mentioned above, the speed that will increase with the progress of the game. This can be considered an excellent game that combines tradition with the present and probably the future.

Pacman Championship Edition DX currently available for devices with the Android operating system on sale on the Google Play Store at a price of almost five dollars.

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