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Pac-Man in iPad version now only at 79 cents

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Pac-Man in iPad version now only at 79 cents –

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Very occasional for those interested in the cult of Pac-Man or, simply, for those who have a philological interest in the world of video games. The historic title featuring the hungry yellow ball discounted at 79 cents in its version for iPad and iPhone.

The classic, one of the very few games that can be said to have really made history in the world of videogames, a faithful reproduction of the original that in the iPad version acquires a truly console-like dimension. The large screen provides an excellent graphic impression and also the easiest virtual joystick to maneuver. But also in its iPhone version one of the most playable and fun titles.

In Pac-Mac for iPad and iPhone, play in the original, normal and easy mode. Our aim is to swallow as many pills as possible to go to the next level with all the necessary bonuses: you earn an extra life of 10,000 points, the intermittent pills make the ghosts vulnerable. Note that in the iPhone version it is also possible to maneuver our character using the accelerometer.

Pac-Man for iPad and iPhone originally cost € 3.99. Click here to buy the iPad or iPhone version for 79 cents

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