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PAC-MAN 256 – Deadalo infinito, the reinterpretation of a historical arcade

PAC-MAN 256 - Deadalo infinito arcade

It was 1980 when Tohru Iwatai, an esteemed Namco programmer, now a professor at the Osaka University of Arts, thought Pac Man, historical video game published by Midway Games that knew how to conquer those who spent hours in the arcades. With the distribution, first on PC, then on console and finally on smartphones and tablets, the success of this arcade historic planetary state, so true that over the years, there have been various reinterpretations. The last one, dating back to August 18, 2015, PAC-MAN 256 – Infinite deadalo.

PAC-MAN 256 - Deadalo infinite arcade

Available for free in the category games from the Play Store (26M) and compatible with Android 2.3.3 or later, PAC-MAN 256 – Infinite deadalo looks like a spin-off that has nothing to envy to the original title. In the guise of Pac Man, the yellow spherical creature, you will have to swallow up all the points scattered in the various paintings, but at the same time you will have to stay away from the four ghosts that, if they touch you, will make you lose one of the available lives. At the four corners of the maze, there are special pills that, once taken by Pac Man, will allow you to turn the situation in your favor: the ghosts will become blue and you can chase them and eat them to increase your score.

PAC-MAN 256 - Infinite deadalo

Once they have been eaten, the ghosts regenerate and from their shape of eyes return to the original one. They will immediately be ready to attack you. You move on to the next level, when you have eaten all the dots of the maze.

Being a respectable review of one of the arcade that made a generation of gamers fall in love, the news couldn't be missing. PAC-MAN 256 – Infinite deadalo boasts 15 upgrades, including Tornado, Laser and Giant, the full 256 combo and full controller support. During games, stay away from the bad guy on duty, the Glitch, the one who hunts Pac Man from the beginning.

Who has played this arcade does not complain about bugs, so download it for free on your Android device.

Link Play Store: PAC-MAN 256 – Infinite deadalo

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