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OtterBox waterproofs iPod shuffle


OtterBox, a company specializing in the production of high protection cases for various pocket devices, has introduced an iPod shuffle case.

OtterBox for iPod shuffle, this is the name of the case, made of impact-resistant plastic, semi-transparent. The hermetic seal makes it waterproof and when combined with suitable headphones, it allows you to use iPod shuffle even in the water, while doing for example swimming or canoeing.

The case is also useful in other situations, such as at the beach, where it protects from sand, or if you use iPod shuffle in the gym or in environments that require maximum protection for the player.

The case has a flexible rubber membrane on the front which allows access to the buttons below and thus to control the functions of the iPod. On the back a small plastic panel more transparent than the rest of the case allows you to see the position of the cursor for playback and the light that indicates the battery charge.

OtterBox also sends its products abroad. The cost of the house, excluding shipping costs, of $ 29.95.

See this page on the OtterBox website.

The company, which produces similar cases for iPod standard and iPod "standard", does not currently have an Italian distributor.