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Osama Bin Laden on the Mac

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Osama Bin Laden on Mac logomacitynet1200wide 1

Special forces around the world are chasing Bin Laden but there are those who can chase after him and fight a deadly face-to-face with him whenever he wishes. They are all those who own Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament. As was to be expected, in fact, in recent days some new "skins" have been released that allow you to assign opponents the face (particularly similar to that of Unreal Tournament) and the name of the well-known Middle Eastern terrorist. Just install the "mod" files in the correct way and, with questionable taste since the topic would recommend taking the thing less superficially, you can chase and shoot the head of Al Quaeda. If instead you have a slightly less bloody taste and love games with less bullets you can try to download an edit file for The Sims. In this case you will experience the thrill of managing a neighborhood where Osama Bin Laden himself presumably incognito resides. The files are downloadable from MacGame Files.

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