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ORICO MH4PU-P-2-SV, a compact USB hub suitable for every need

ORICO MH4PU-P-2-SV, a compact USB hub suitable for every need

When it comes to USB hub, the market can offer a truly impressive amount of models. These devices, on the other hand, represent an extremely useful type of object for any type of user who has a minimum to do with technology.

Today we will focus on a particular product, that is ORICO MH4PU-P-2-SV, a USB hub capable of providing performance suitable for any need while maintaining compact measurements. ORICO a company known in the sector for the production of adapters, slippers, headphones, mouse pads and other technological peripherals. With this product for, this brand presents one of the most convincing devices in its entire production park.


ORICO MH4PU-P-2-SV, a high level USB hub

Beyond simple words, it is the technical specifications that qualitatively define this product. ORICO MH4PU-P-2-SV shows up with two cables, one from USB Type-C to USB 3.0 and one from USB-AA to USB A, capable of bridging USB-A and USB-C. It allows us to connect older devices to a new laptop, through a more modern USB-C port. All this occurs through a Plug and Play connection system, compatible with Windows operating systems (from Windows 7 onwards) MacOS is Linux.

The product has an extra power port. It allows you to connect portable hard drives and other hardware that requires some power to operate, without any kind of problem from an energy point of view. Another interesting feature of ORICO MH4PU-P-2-SV are the 4 ports available. Through these it is possible to transform a single USB-C port into 4 USB 3.0 ports. These allow you to transfer data up to 5 GBps, making the transfer of files even particularly bulky much faster. Obviously, the USB hub we are dealing with remains backward compatible when it comes to working with USB 2.0 is USB 1.0.

In addition to this practical solution, there is also a design that offers extremely interesting solutions. The adjustable bolt on the product in fact allows you to lock the hub on the edge of the desk making it particularly stable. In this sense, the hub has a vise capable of opening from 1 to 3.2 centimeters, making it easy to place on almost any surface. From this point of view, it can be applied quite easily also on various models of monitors (even if not all those present on the market). The vice also features a coated bearing, which allows a firm grip but which at the same time does not damage the desk or in any case the surface concerned.

On a purely aesthetic level then, the USB hub we are talking about stands out from the crowd, thanks to the aluminum body that returns a feeling of solidity and a design easily adaptable to any type of context. At the time of purchase, the package contains, in addition to the USB C adapter, the terminal and the two data cables, also a user manual and a warranty valid for 18 months.


The USB hub made by Orico is a product that certainly stands out. Its main strengths are the wide use of aluminum, which make it very solid and with a "premium" look, and the possibility of hooking it to the lower edge of the screen thanks to the vice.

Unfortunately, the vice at the same time the only weak point of this accessory. The screw, unfortunately, has a limited stroke and many extremely thin displays (see the latest iMacs) are not fully supported.