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Orderly and fast queues for the launch of iPad 3G

Orderly and fast queues for the launch of iPad 3G – Macitynet.it

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As for the launch of the WiFi version. Queues in front of stores in the US to buy the new iPad model, the one equipped with 3G. With people who line up neatly to be among the first – on the basis of a reservation with a maximum of two devices per customer – to buy the iPad starting at 17 local time, when marketing began yesterday.

The turnout, somewhat in all US stores, was good and comparable to that of the absolute launch of the WiFI model. Many have waited, many have also wanted to buy this second model, perhaps for the family by giving their wife and children the first device purchased and without 3G and A-Gps component. Particularly in New York, especially in front of the historic shop on Fifth Avenue, but also in other parts of the United States.

Below you can see exclusively for Macity a photo sent to us by our readers of the queue in the early hours of Friday, immediately before the iPad distribution started at 5pm in the Los Angeles store, The Grove. But also in other parts of the United States the story is the same: queues, people waiting neatly, speed in delivering and basically the same type of reception that can be expected from Apple.

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