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Opening of restaurants: an app to order at the table

opening of restaurants

Thanks to the support of food delivery companies through apps and cutting-edge technological solutions, catering establishments will be able to reopen safely

The reopening of commercial activities where the risk of gathering is more concrete is a much debated topic in this beginning of phase 2. We are talking above all of bars, pubs and restaurants, categories definitely put under pressure by the epidemic problem of COVID-19. The opening of the restaurants still seems like a chimera and there is talk of June 1st. In particular for the regions most affected by the virus. In view of the reopening, there is no shortage of ideas that could favor the resumption of activities without incurring return infections and new emergencies.

In particular, the dispensers are already at work, but in compliance with the safety rules, they already know that they can no longer count on the same number of customers they had before of the Coronavirus emergencyIt will not be possible to have the tables of the past and it will be necessary to sanitize in particular the air conditioning systems which are guilty in China for having facilitated the virus in addition to the closeness between one person and another.

Opening of restaurants, an app for ordering at the table, without touching the menus

opening of restaurants

But the actual capacity of restaurants may not be a problem due to the boom in food delivery activities. Home delivery of food. Services that restaurants can join likeDeliveroo, which experienced 40% more than the expected growth rate in the previous months. A consecration precisely thanks to the limits imposed by the health emergency.

Reopening restaurants: the app to eliminate paper menus

But the most interesting novelty of a technological nature, which seems to have already experienced rapid success thanks to the 80 thousand downloads reached in a few days, currently represented by MyCIA, an application with which you can order from the menu and pay for the restaurant without touching anything other than your phone. The names of the dishes (translatable into 60 languages) can be consulted at home or via QR code, online and remote booking, checking in advance the flow of a local data and better adjusting the times, in order to prevent gatherings. There is also the possibility of consulting the nutritional value of the individual dishes, while payment to the local can always be made by remaining in the app, thus avoiding any kind of contact.