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OpenFeint is preparing for the arrival of Game Center

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OpenFeint is preparing for the arrival of Game Center –

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Those who use iPhone and iPod Touch as a portable gaming platform will be familiar with OpenFeint, a series of development libraries that are implemented within the games to provide socialization and competition tools for the community: from world rankings and chat systems, through voting and unlockable achievements. The more than 8000 developers who use OpenFeint will be happy to know that from the next month the development kits will be updated with numerous features.

Aurora Feint, the company that created OpenFeint, is in fact preparing for the imminent launch of the iPhone OS4: OpenFeint 2.5 will therefore be compatible with Game Center, the playful platform that Apple will launch with the new operating system. The company hopes that its tool can coexist with the new Cupertino service, without thereby entering into direct competition. The developers will then be able to integrate both the Game Center and OpenFeint features, mixing them at will.

Substantial changes will also be made to the functions regarding the unlockable achievements, while it will be possible to integrate the rankings directly within a game, in a very similar way to that used by Doodle Jump (where as you go up the scores of the other players are displayed ).

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