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OnePlus 8 Pro, the "Black Crush" is a software defect: soon an update

oneplus 8 pro black crush

OnePlus 8 Pro, the latest top of the range launched by the Shenzhen-based company, has to deal with some problems that risk compromising the excellent product structure.

oneplus 8 pro black crush

The owners of OnePlus 8 Pro have been reporting a display problem for several weeks that is called "Black Crush". Basically, users have reported the presence of grainy pixel frames on the screen after disabling the DC Dimming option.

A OnePlus support executive recently pointed out that this problem it could be caused by a hardware defect and that the company is trying to guarantee some possible options to users, such as repairing the phone in one of the service centers, refunding the smartphone or replacement of the device affected by the problem.

However, in the past few hours it seems that OnePlus has changed its opinion on the nature of this problem. As reported by Gadgets360, the company of the CEO Pete Lau now inclined to consider the problem of "Black Crush" as a software defect and not hardware.

“We are looking into this problem and intend to solve it in the next OxygenOS update. Stay tuned for more information, "said the Chinese company, effectively denying that it is a hardware problem. In the weeks following the launch of OnePlus 8 Pro, the Shenzhen company released numerous updates in an attempt to resolve not only the "Black Crush", but also the "Green Tint", a strange green color that appears on some OnePlus 8 Pro in low light situations. Updates have recently been launched OxygenOS 10.5.5 is OxygenOS 10.5.6, but some users have reported that they did not help resolve the critical issues.

At the moment, OnePlus has not provided any details regarding it the timing of release of this update, which will hopefully be truly conclusive.

Source Gadgets360