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OnePlus 7T Pro is the "best phone". The jury of the MWC 2020 rewards the smartphone

OnePlus 7T Pro is the "best phone". The jury of the MWC 2020 rewards the smartphone

The Mobile World Congress 2020 had to be held in these days in the splendid setting of Barcelona, ​​but as is known the great Spanish fair was canceled (or perhaps only postponed?) due to the spread of the coronavirus. The epidemic that developed in Wuhan, China, spread up to Europe (with many cases of contagion also in Italy, ed) and for this reason that the organizers of the MWC opted for the "stop", it is not known if temporary or final.

oneplus 7T Pro

However, some highly anticipated smartphones were equally rewarded by the jury. In fact, Tuesday 25 February, the GSMA (acronym that identifies the organization of the Mobile World Congress and which stands for Global Mobile Communications Systems Association, ed.) Announced the list of winners of the GLOMO 2020 awards.

The smartphone that impressed the experts the most OnePlus 7T Pro, which won the "Best Smartphone" award. An exceptional recognition for the company of the CEO Pete Lau, who had never managed to obtain this extraordinary recognition.

In the review, GSMA praises the structure of OnePlus 7T Pro with very eloquent words. "It is a practically unsurpassed phone from a technological point of view – reads the comment – with top of the class processor speed, fast reload times and excellent software. A complete product at an affordable price, and the company should also be praised for its impressive success in market strategy. "

The difference was mainly the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, a chip that manages to guarantee a very high level of performance. But processor aside, it was the overall structure of the device that convinced the jury.

Since its founding, which dates back to six years ago, OnePlus has always insisted on creating only high-end products. A choice that has so far paid off, as shown by the excellent market results obtained by the Chinese company in 2019.

Source Gizchina