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One is killing them, a hundred are proliferating.

One is killing them, a hundred are proliferating. | Macitynet.it

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In the beginning it was Napster (for Mac: Macster), then it came 'gnutella and others, so the record industry (RIAA) began to worry about the rapid spread of these free MP3 exchanges between users.

Napster seems destined to close its business after huge efforts in the Californian courts, but at the cry of Colonel Clinger "better a day as a lion than a hundred from sheep" we can truly say that Napster has traced an important gap and many are filling it with or without the approval of the majors (record companies).

We do not summarize all the past and current legal issues because we would like, just for this, a section dedicated to Macity, so we limit ourselves to mentioning that within three weeks a worthy substitute for Napster will arrive, Newtella-freedom to share (same protocol of gnutella and open source code).

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