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One cube per hair.

One cube per hair.

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Last week there was the presentation to the press of the next Nintendo console that will have to beat the fierce competition of Playstation and Dreamcast and coherently with its form it was christened GameCube.

Then summarize: Qube (from Cobalt), Cube (from Apple), GameCube (from Nintendo) and how to forget the glorious Cube (by NeXT).

Are you confused?

This is what they fear happens in Cupertino.

After the iMac's debut, the colored (albeit very poor) plastics depopulated any product with a minimum of technology, now how many cube-shaped objects will we see coming to the market to emulate the new cult object by Apple?

On the subject, Apple seems to want to investigate and then goes from the irony of the first days to real actions to protect itself.

There would therefore have been pressure from Apple to think of something alternative for the Nintendo console (which, ironically, is what is closest to a Mac currently in the category, just remember some features: a IBM PowerPC processor called Gekko and an ATI graphics card), also because the real presence on the market is still very far away.

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