On the Google Play Store you can also buy apps and games in cash

On the Google Play Store you can also buy apps and games in cash

To cope with the number of users who do not have a bank account and prefer free apps, Google has created a new system of cash payments through a network of affiliated stores.

GooglePay_Lockup.max-1000x1000(Photo: Google)

Google will allow to Android users to carry out i payments on the Play Store through luse of cash. Since the home application download platform Google has many more downloads than the Apple App Store, but the latter exceeds it in collections, Big G has decided to introduce a new payment method to facilitate its users.

The company then announced the launch of the software during the annual developer I / O conference pending transactions (pending transactions), a new system that will offer users alternative payment methods a credit card or any other form of digital purse.

Tech Crunch lets know that there is a strong trend from users to prefer free games and applications supported by advertisements, instead of choosing paid ones, due to a lack of access to credit. Just think that many users who download games are minors who do not yet have access to a credit card or who use that of their parents without their knowledge.

This is a form of late payment such as cash, bank transfer and direct debitAurash Mahbod, director of the technical department responsible for the Play Store and games on Google Play, explained.

The option gives the Android user the option to choose a alternative payment method at the time of purchase, whether this occurs on the Play Store or in-app.

screen showing the code for the payment to be made in cash (source: Google)

The user will have the possibility to choose, instead of debiting by credit card, to receive a payment code that you can use to pay for your purchase in cash at a nearby store. Once in the shop, the user will baster show the code at the checkout and complete the purchase by paying in cash.

This type of payment for will be tied to aimpossibility of reimbursement in case of user dissatisfaction, which is instead possible with digital payments.


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