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On iPad three graphic novels from Enhanced Press

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Today on the day of the most awaited event, Enhanced Press in collaboration with the Tunu publishing house presents 3 other Graphic Novel for iPad in Italian, already available in the iTunes App Store, confirming itself as one of the most prolific realities for publishing products intended for iPad. These are Il Maestro, Route 66 and Stupidomondo.

The first publishing house that began to adapt to this new "e-editorial" scenario by Tunu with the online publication of comics such as Heidi mon amour by Gud, Cambio Pelle by Marina Novelli, Roots 66 by Stefano S3Keno Piccoli, Andrea's Maestro La Provitera and Davide Pascutti, Stupidomondo by Lucio Perrimezzi and Mauro Cao. The books are transformed into a digital application, to be read on iPad devices thanks to the collaboration with the Enchanced Press company.

Tunu had already contributed to launching the comic on iPhone, with Gud's Gentes in collaboration with CESVI ( and during Napoli Comicon, in collaboration with Enchanced press, had presented the comic on iPad nationally.

Tunu on iPad tries to fully exploit the potential of this powerful digital medium, born just thinking of a new editorial system that with its almost ten-inch screen, unlike that of the iPhone, ideal for reading a comic. The exceptional display quality for definition and sharpness, offers the possibility to zoom and use it in horizontal and vertical mode, all factors that could lead Apple's entire platform to represent an alternative system.

Director Emanuele Di Giorgi says: "We started to enter this market before others, aware that the iPad could represent an alternative scenario. We certainly think of a non-apocalyptic scenario, which does not provide for the end of the paper book support, but rather, which manages to enhance the authors and publishing houses like us, which by circumventing the distribution mechanisms, are able to enjoy – even before the others – greater visibility for their works like the great publishing giants in traditional channels ".