instagram-stories-previews-stop motion

On Instagram comes the new preview of the stories and the stop-motion

Instagram adds the new preview to met feeds for Stories to make them more evident and test the camera's new stop-motion feature

Great news at Instagram, the tests for stop-motion photos and new previews of stories have begun.

More than a year ago Instagram launched the Stories, already popular on Snapchat, and says that its version of Storie reaches over 250 million users every day. Now Instagram is making a change in its iOS app that makes the Stories even more important.

New story preview windows

instagram-stories-previews-stop motionWhile previously the stories were limited to one bar at the top of the app, Instagram is now by entering the thumbnails of Stories in a larger format in the user's main feed. You will see the new previews as you scroll through the feed, under a "recent stories" entry. You'll see three rather large previews next to each other and each with a quick preview of another user's story and the option to tap to view the whole story.

An Instagram spokesman said the new feature makes it easier to preview "stories of people and accounts that interest you".

"We recently updated the design of the story bar you see as you scroll through the feed. This update makes it easier to preview the stories of the people and accounts you are most interested in. "

The top bar that usually hosts the Instagram Stories still remains there, but it no longer appears half-eaten and instead has been replaced by the new story preview tiles.

The user response to this change remains to be seen. Generally, social media users don't like their feeds to be interrupted with other content and these preview tiles are rather intrusive.

Instagram in stop motion

In addition to this, Instagram has also started testing a new stop-motion feature for Stories. This feature, as reported by The Verge, allows you to run a series of images and subsequently modify them with stickers and tests. The end result is a stop-motion GIF that is sent over your story.