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Omino, the Italian platformer that recalls Mario from the 80s

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Omino, the Italian platformer that reminds Mario of the 80s –

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I play a platform game that recalls the classic arcade games of the 80s, in particular the genre that made Mario famous. Within a 2D game world that runs horizontally from right to left, we must proceed running and jumping, avoiding enemies and, whenever possible, eliminating them. In addition to looking after the path and the enemies, the player engaged in the collection of coins and also of the upgrades. In Omino some special blocks provide a blue hat that allows you to walk on the water or a red hat that allows Omino to shoot.

The first two game levels are included for free within the app that can be downloaded from here: all the additional maps are instead included in a single package offered for 79 cents that can be purchased within the app. The first users who downloaded the app published conflicting reviews: some appreciate the game, altir still report problems with the controls and the repetitiveness of the game screens.

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