Oliso Smart Hub & Top

Oliso Smart Hub & Top, the Oliso duo for perfect sous vide cooking

Sous vide cooking is becoming increasingly popular in our homes, as evidenced by the diffusion of accessories such as Anova Precision Cooker, which have low temperature vacuum cooking accessible also at home.

Oliso presented the interested couple Smart Hub & Top, a pair of accessories that allow you to create sous videin home cooking to perfection, but not only.

The Smart Hub is an induction base, which you can connect directly to the electricity and control via the practical control menu on the front. The Smart Top is added to the Smart Hub, a cooking tank designed specifically for sous vide.

Oliso Smart Hub & Top-2

Equipped with a lid, you can place the tank on the Smart Hub surface and feed it through induction: once the water is heated, you can dip the food, previously enclosed in the classic vacuum bags, cover the Smart Top and wait for the end of the cycle. Once the vacuum cooking is finished, you can remove the Smart Top and complete the cooking directly on the Smart Hub using for example a pan or a pan compatible with the induction system.

It will be so simple, for example, to brown the beef or salmon fillet by using the induction hob directly and not having to finish cooking on a gas stove.

Oliso Smart Hub & Top

Speaking of price, in this case the accessory is a little less accessible: on the official website the cost of $ 499 for the Smart Hub & Top pair and unfortunately the shipping available only for US users. We Italians can keep our mouth watering.

Below is a video presentation on how Oliso's Smart Hub & Top works.