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Offline maps of the world on iPhone with ForeverMap 2

Offline maps of the world on iPhone with ForeverMap 2


The ForeverMap 2 program arrives on the App Store, to have maps of the whole world offline on the iPhone

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Here is a nice program dedicated to all iPhone users. This isForeverMap 2, which allows you to have maps of the whole world directly on your iPhone for free and above all offline, without having to have an active internet connection.

If you have to go abroad for leisure, for work or for any other reason, the ForeverMap 2 program will come in very handy. Thanks to the WiFi connection, in fact, you can download maps from around the world to your smartphone, you can save them and, later, without needing to connect to the internet, you can consult them freely, whenever you want.

In practice, ForeverMap 2 provides maps from around the world and makes them available for offline viewing: a very useful software when you are abroad and you cannot pay for an internet connection.

ForeverMap 2 is an excellent alternative to the Google Maps program, because, in addition to the classic maps, it also offers instructions for GPS navigation.

The program, now in its second release, has been completely updated compared to the previous version and can now be used without in-app purchases to download any map of the world.

The application weighs only 23MB and, as we said, in addition to offline maps, it also offers customized information and routes for cars, cyclists and pedestrians, including turn-by-turn and voice directions. Also interesting is the possibility of activating or deactivating different styles for the maps, such as day, night, outdoor or other modes.

The program is based on OpenStreetMap maps: in Italy they are not up to date, but in the rest of the world excellent coverage and you can use this program to navigate in any location without major problems.

It is, in essence, an excellent program to have offline maps always at hand on iPhone. A tool that will be useful to all of you at least once: when you are abroad, in fact, you will have the opportunity to consult the maps and maps of entire states completely free of charge and above all without the need to activate the data connection. Excellent, then, the satellite navigation function with voice directions and turn by turn.

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Finally, I would like to point out that ForeverMap 2 is the first app that uses the brand new skobbler NGx mapping technology, which offers both aesthetically beautiful and comfortable maps to move and zoom. Simply tap a little longer on the map to interact with the individual points of interest.

If interested, find itForeverMap 2in the App Store in Italian.


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