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Offline Apple Italy site; iPhone news coming soon?

Offline Apple Italy site; iPhone news coming soon? – Macitynet.it

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Apple, on the day of the start of reservations for iPhone 4 for some countries, prepares its stores. The online viewing sites were "turned off" a few minutes ago in view, most likely, of the launch of the new phone. Nothing strange was that the sign "let's go back immediately" also appeared for the Italian, Australian and many other countries for which on paper there should not be the possibility to reserve the cell phone during this phase.

Hard to say, as always happens for Apple home affairs, what is going on. If Apple has simply turned the switch involving also nations that will not have any news, if the technicians will only change the graphics for some countries (such as ours) and for others they will open reservations, if there are other products coming or if maybe c It was some change of plan on the fly involving countries that were to be excluded on paper. All that remains is to wait. Macitynet will follow the evolution of the situation closely.

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