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Office for Mac OS X will be compatible with Exchange

New update in sight for Entourage for Mac OS X. The announcement should arrive later today by Microsoft itself which will clarify in detail what will be the main news of the update.

According to some information leaked overnight on the Internet, the new version should have among its main features compatibility with Exchange, the server software for business management of e-mails, calendars and appointments.

Office for Mac OS 9 already had this ability, providing Apple machines in use in professional contexts to operate as PC machines do, allowing the exchange of information and the management of procedures that, however, which, however, now Mac OS X does not able to give access.

Exchange will become accessible through Entourage which will play the part that OutLook did in Mac OS 9.

'Compatibility with Exchange' said Microsoft's application manager for Mac applications Tim McDonough to some websites' was the main request of our customers

The update will be free and will be downloadable in a few months, probably in summer. The Mac OS 9 version of OutLook compatible with Exchange will no longer be implemented.