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Office demo on all Macs

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All Macs sold in the U.S. will come with a demo version of Office v.X.

The announcement, which arrived in the context of the Macworld, marks a new step forward in the joint effort by Apple and Microsoft to push the Redmond productivity suite.

The version that American users will find installed the "test drive" which can be downloaded from the Internet, from the Microsoft site. The software is in fact a demo that works for 30 days and allows you to use all the products in the suite with some limitations, including a logo on the slides created with Powerpoint and on the Excel and Word documents. Not even possible to print.

Microsoft, also in the context of the Mac, also announced the release of the "stand alone" version of Entourage, part of the Office package. The personal agenda integrated with a very complete email client is sold (for Mac OS X only) at a price of 99 dollars.

At the time of writing, it is not clear whether the agreement between Microsoft and Apple for the installation of a demo version of Office on Macs will also be extended outside the USA and whether Entourage X will be sold separately by Office also in Europe.

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