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Office 2001 late for Italy?

Office for Mac in the Golden Master version and will be released to the public by the middle of October. According to C / Net, some sources close to the company confirm what has been revealed by sites dedicated to rumors.

The essential features of the suite had been revealed in preview by some posts on the Microsoft website and publicized with great clarity during the recent MacWorld Expo in New York, impressing analysts and observers from the Mac and Microsoft world. In recent weeks, MacProf has published an excellent analysis of the news by launching the article with numerous screen shots.

"I was very impressed by the features of the new Office for Macintosh – Chris LeTocq of DataQuest tells C / Net – and I don't use this terminology so frequently. The efforts made by Microsoft on the Mac version show that in Redmond they really believe that there are market opportunities in the Apple world ”.

At the time of writing, however, unfortunately it is not possible to say whether the release of the English version will be contextual to that in other languages. In addition to this there is not even certain that the Italian version will be in the first group of localizations.

In recent days some sources of Macity had let us know that the Italian version would have been contextual to those in other languages, but now, as we are informed, in fact, our friend Michele Zangrossi an Apple eNews sent last Thursday seems to support the contrary.

The text of the newsletter states that "The new Office package will be available in English, French, German and Spanish". If the lack of Italian is a simple forgetfulness or if actually to have the version in our language we must wait longer than the versions in other European languages ​​at the moment we cannot say. Previously, Office had been released in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German almost simultaneously.