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Nvidia, falling profits

Downward profits for Nvidia. Indeed, the world's largest graphics chip maker said yesterday that it had achieved lower results than expected from the market and previous years for both the quarter and fiscal year 2002.

According to what was written in the press releases, Nvidia posted profits for the quarter of 50.9 million dollars compared to 76 million dollars last year with a total turnover of 469 million dollars compared to 503.7 last year. Note that the turnover includes $ 40.4 million received by Microsoft to settle a dispute over the supply of graphics chips for the Xbox.

For the full year 2002 profits add up to 90.8 million dollars, about half compared to 176.9 million dollars in 2001 with a total turnover, for, growing: 1.91 billion dollars against 1.37 billions of dollars in 2001.

Nvidia admitted that the last quarter, marked by the delays of the GeForce FX which gave a great advantage to the Radeon 9700, was the most difficult in recent times. Despite this, the company makes a profession of trust believing that GeForce FX itself will now provide a big boost to profits and consolidate market shares.