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Nvidia: Apple is not an OEM

Nvidia: Apple not OEM logomacitynet1200wide 1

Nvidia resolutely denies that it has made an agreement for the supply of chips to Apple, but despite the doubts and many clues remain in place.The company that produces the GeForce processors has been forced to intervene officially on the subject after the increasingly insistent rumors an article from the German newspaper Heise was added, which in its online version had declared that the agreement had been accepted by the German branch of Nvidia. Since the magazine is certainly not among those who base their news on unconfirmed rumors, many other sites have read the article as a semi-official confirmation that sooner or later we will see Macs with Nvidia chips. "Not simply true – he said Dan Vivoli – vice president of marketing for Nvidia. These constant rumors of rumors are simply fake. " Nvidia then added that "having some cards in progress (presumably reference design, given that the company does not directly produce cards for the NDR market) and drivers for the Mac world, but not having any announcements regarding the Mac world to be made at the moment and for a few months to come. ”A denial that seems to leave no room for any possibility that those who believe (like those who are writing) that Apple and Nvidia have reached an OEM agreement, but in reality the clues are all still standing. and stronger comes from the same site as Nvidia. By typing http://www.nvidia.com/apple a dialog box appears inviting you to register for the section of the site reserved for OEMs. Up to now, Nvidia has not (and probably will not) explain why Apple has been included among other OEMs declared as Gateway, Microsoft (for its X-BOX), Dell and many other PC manufacturers. A second clue comes from the features processor. Why did Nvidia choose to make a chip that, due to its characteristics, is unable to compete with Ati's Radeons when it comes to producing a chip that is natively compatible with hardware? No card maker could convince consumers to replace the future ATIs of the equally future second-generation G4s with others that have 30% slower chips. The situation would be different if the chip was intended directly for the motherboards of machines that essentially need 3D processors with higher performance than the Rage 128 but with lower consumption and costs. Features to which the GeForce MX perfectly respond.Until Nvidia has convincingly explained these details, it remains legitimate to assume that Nvidia's denials are to be compared to those of Bungie when, up to two days before the official announcement, he denied having opened negotiations with Microsoft or those of Nvidia itself, which a couple of months ago had issued contradictory statements about its interest in the Mac world, even going so far as to deny that it would ever release products for the platform.

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