Now Telegram allows you to send "silent" messages

Now Telegram allows you to send "silent" messages

An ideal function if you want to write to someone in the middle of the night or during a meeting, without disturbing: the system will only send a visual notification

Silent messages(Photo: Telegram)

As a demonstration that the developers of Telegram are often a few steps ahead of the competition, the new update of the popular instant messaging service arrives, which brings a truly remarkable gem as a gift: silent messages.

The novelty could be defined as an act of kindness from the sender. Yes, because if at a first reading the silent message could be confused as an incoming setting, it actually concerns the outgoing messaging to a specific user.

We explain better: full night, you wake up suddenly with a brilliant idea to solve a problem that emerged at work. There is no time to wait: it is better to send the message immediately so it will be read upon waking by colleagues, without waking them; or you want to send a good luck to someone special, so that he can read it as soon as he opens his eyes before a busy day, but he doesn't want to disturb the rest.

Message without sound(Photo: Telegram)

Another example: you want to invite your friend X to the soccer match, but at that precise moment engaged in the study or in an important business meeting. What if he forgot the ringtone on? With the silent sending, you will receive only the visual notification but not the audible one.

The news works both with single users and with groups and is part of a series of other functions made official with the latest update for Android and iPhone following what had allowed you to chat with close people. Among others we also mention the slow mode o slow mode to better manage groups where you are administrators but at the same time complicated to keep in order.

Slow mode(Photo: Telegram)

This will allow participants to send a message every tot of time, in an interval between 30 seconds and an hour. Users will be able to control a timer with a countdown, so as not to waste the opportunity and think well what and how to write.

You could also invent a nickname for directors of a group and this nickname will appear in every chat published by the interested parties. Finally, space at animated emojis, the preview / thumbnail of the customizable video and other minor cosmetic news.


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