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Novel lawsuit Microsoft

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Novel lawsuit Microsoft logomacitynet1200wide 1

A new chapter in the long history of contrasts between Novell and Microsoft.Once yesterday, what was once the leading company in the production of network systems announced that it had sued Redmond for advertising that was mystifying and harmful to the interests of its business. the prosecution counter has an advertising leaflet sent directly to some of its customers by Microsoft in which you can see a package of corn flakes whose expiration date compared to the operating system for Novell networks which, like breakfast cereals, would have an expiration date. "Microsoft is trying to instill the idea that NetWare expires after a certain period to create fear and uncertainty and discourage future customers. Although America has long been accustomed to Microsoft's tactics of this type, this campaign has really made its mark. "The contrasts between Microsoft and Novell go way back in time. Ten years ago Novell was the first company to bring to the fore terms such as "Antitrust" and "anti-competitive" associated with Microsoft.

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