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Notions of business economics are updated on the iPhone and touch

Notions of business economics updates on iPhone and touch – Macitynet.it

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Created by Alessandro Marino, Notions of business economics, an interesting application for iPhone and iPod Touch that contains substantial documentation on various study topics related to marketing, finance and business administration. It is over 100 pages with text and graphics, useful for both marketing and management students and for those simply interested in the topic. In the last few days, moreover, the tool has been updated to version 3.0, bringing a whole series of new features.

First of all, the application has now been made universal, and therefore compatible not only with iPhone and iPod Touch, but also with iPad. The software adapts perfectly to the new device, presenting several new viewing options, such as the Split View function, absent on the iPhone due to the small screen size. However, the version for iPhone and iPod Touch has been enriched with a very particular calculator: in fact, it can be made to appear instantly while reading documents, useful for those who want to be clever at the tests. The update of Notions of business administration available free of charge for those who already own the application, which can currently be purchased for € 3.99.

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