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ADC, the new monitor connector present on the new Macs in New York, owner or not? The Register asks for it without being able to provide a precise answer. The doubts of the English online tabloid arise on the basis of a signal from a reader according to which the connector remembers, very much indeed, the Plug & Play port developed by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) under the auspices of IBM in 1997. The VESA device, like ADC, transfers digital and analog signal to a monitor and also provides a USB and FireWire channel, such as ADC. In turn, ADC recalls in the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) features another connection system used in the PC world (and also used by Apple up until the previous generation of G4) with the difference of having a USB channel that DVI does not present. The Register claims that it cannot give precise indications as to why Apple has so far not given information on ADC and its operation. But, Tony Smith, who compiled the article, states that there are clues and suspicions to be able to say that Apple's proprietary connector is not so … proprietary.

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